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Engaging the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals 

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ENGAP UK is part of the Project ENGAP movement, created following the publication of a book in March 2020 'Engaging the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals' by Dr Suzanne Kearns and over 40 international authors.

ENGAP UK was formed by Simon Witts, a 40 year aviation industry professional. It is a Community Interest Company (also known as a Social Enterprise or not-for-profit) and it seeks to assure the engagement of people from all backgrounds into the industry.

It connects into the International Air & Space Training Institute (IASTI) movement - that started in 2020 - by activating community and social links in the regions where IASTI already operates. It also works to target the areas of greatest social impact.

ENGAP UK has a strong sense of purpose and social value and has a clear set of charitable objects.

Working From Home

Our Social Impact

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Our Social Impact
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Our Social Impact

ENGAP UK sets out to create opportunities for all in the world in aviation. It is focusing on the three pillars of sustainability - Environment, Social and the Economy.

Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without sacrificing future generations' ability to meet their needs.

The aviation industry of 2020 was not sustainable for a number of reasons, including 'Flygskam' - flight shaming, people shortages, poor awareness of aviation environmental progress, airline profitability and so on.

Progress requires facing up to three main Industry Global Challenges:

  • Global Challenge 1 - Environmental Sustainability:

    • the need for accurate reporting of progress and data​

    • new research and development

    • to keep innovating


  • Global Challenge 2 - Global Personnel Shortage

    • new national and international solutions​

    • the right people with the right skills

    • diversity and inclusivity

  • Global Challenge 3 - keeping ahead of technology

    • engaging partners to stay at the cutting edge​

    • engaging and supporting regulators and regulations

    • mobilising our nations' strengths

ENGAP UK, alongside its partners in Canada, seeks to play its role in addressing these challenges in the United Kingdom and, through the work of Project ENGAP, our umbrella organisation to rebuild our industry for life after the pandemic.

Our Work
Working From Home

Our Work

We are working with the team from IASTI and other partners to activate practical plans for life after the pandemic

We are connecting the next generation of aviation professionals from all walks of life and backgrounds with future roles in the industry.

Facing up to the Global Challenges enables us to take a fresh look at what is required to Attract, Educate and Retain the people that the industry needs. This lays the foundations to Engage and Champion the changes required.

Making the connections through IASTI and partners enables us to create the pathways into the industry that are needed to connect the next generation to the job roles that exist, whilst ensuring that they achieve the appropriate level of education and training with supporting qualifications.

The opportunities are then deployed via the IASTI projects into communities across the United Kingdom with our first two projects attached to:

  • IASTI Newark

  • IASTI London City

In these communities, we activate our charitable objectives and work with all organisations that we need to attract the right people to the pathways, including:

  • Employers

  • Councils and Local Authorities

  • Museums

  • other Organisations

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For any Enquiries, questions or commendations, please call fill out the following form:

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